Moon Girl

      8 p.m. Friday 10th Jan, 2020. Hall 10, University of Nairobi Hostels It’s a full moon night. The curtain is drawn. You are standing at the window looking out. You are looking at the university’s floodlit sports grounds in the middle ground and the red lights of the vehicles on the above Uhuru highway driving towards Museum hill on the background. The moon is high up, above the new high-rise GTC building, and your view is partially obstructed by an unshapely branch just outside the window. A few crickets are chirping. There is the faint sound of water flowing as in … Continue reading Moon Girl

Book Review: Drug Paradise.

Book Title: Drug Paradise Pages: 224 Publisher: Self-Published Author: K Kimuyu (Kisauti) Author website: Where to get the book: Text Book Centre, Nuria Book Store, or you can contact the author to get an autographed copy. Let’s get it rolling. A newly-engaged man gets the hots for one of the guests at his engagement party and decides to pursue her. This would be the recipe of a brilliant love-triangle saga if he was just an ordinary guy, a chef as he passed himself as, and his fiancée a regular love-smitten lass. The subject of his fascination gets sucked into … Continue reading Book Review: Drug Paradise.

Disinhibition Inhibition

“I want to overcome the disinhibitions without taking any alcohol or weed. The disinhibition inhibition thing.To have my talk like a smooth operator’sTo dance like no one is watchingTo write like a lunatic. Because my imagination will be ravingTo soberly send drunken textsTo live freely, boldly. I don’t want a high that fades and has to be courted again.I always want to be in control of my senses and faculties.I imagine i’d go beyond just “high”‘ I’d go manic I will nurture my natural high. But then, these thoughts sound inhibited.”Kim#ourmedschstories. Continue reading Disinhibition Inhibition


“To witness the birth of a child is our best opportunity to experience the meaning of the word miracle.” Paul Carvel She was conceived on, or about Valentine’s day1. I thought to suggest the name Valentine to the mother but dropped the idea. Perhaps she had gotten one from the last pages of the Oxford dictionary. Or her aunties had picked a fancy, 21st-century name. One that would have her blush when boys winkingly state “that is such a cute name.” Or a sentimental one reminding her of her mother, or sister. Perhaps the father came home with half a … Continue reading Valentine

19 in ’19

“Which of all my important nothings shall I tell you first?” Jane Austen in a letter to Cassandra. This is not a post about taking stock of the year that has been. November is still making its impressions on us, but I thought to chronicle a few random thoughts about the last teen- aged year of this century. Schooling: I finished my fourth academic year. I am a few months into my fifth year of study. If Nairobi River got cleaner with every “when are you graduating…kwani you are still in school” question I have answered, it would be burbling … Continue reading 19 in ’19


“I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon’s knife or the chemist’s drug.” Hippocratic Oath.   “Sugar?” “Sugar.” I echo as I pass him the sugar bowl. He catches the twinkle in my eyes and smiles. While operating in the theatre and performing other medical procedures, the assistant repeats what the lead had asked for as they give it. His interest is piqued by the pink ribbon on my lapel. “What does the pink ribbon mean to you Ivan?” He asks while stirring his cup … Continue reading PINK PERFECT

Phil Medici Episode 5: Katoto Daktari

(Hey guys! Welcome to my WordPress Channel :-). It’s more than a month since I posted the next chapter on the Phil Medici series (my bad), but here is the 5th Episode. Catch the last chapter here if you missed it. Good to have you here.) “A lone man walks out of the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) University way branch. He is in a grey suit, a 2-piece one. He squints in response to the bright light he steps into but maintains his strides towards the gate opening to the University way.” “Tie? Is he in a tie?” Lyne interrupts my enthusiastic … Continue reading Phil Medici Episode 5: Katoto Daktari