F for Fishbone

  Owang’ Sino, the son to Akoko and Chief Owuor Kembo of Sakwa becomes the chief after his father’s demise. He served his people well, but he is the subject of this paragraph because of the cause of his death. Owang’ Sino choked on a fishbone to his death. Read that again. Chok rech e … Continue reading F for Fishbone

Dear Angela

  (Don’t read this before a meal) In many instances have you sought to understand my medical school experiences. While this is in(consequential to you, dear sister, I do not want to bite the hand that feeds me and will indulge in your desire. Which of these important nothings shall I tell you first? 1 … Continue reading Dear Angela

Let’s talk Erectile Dysfunction! #Menshealthmonth

A fellow Blogger and Medic rises to the occasion and talks about Erectile Dysfunction. Have a read.

Tales of a Curious mind

June is men’s health awareness month and thanks to my instagram family we get to talk about the Elephant in the bedroom.

According to statistics one in five men aged over 40 suffer from some degree of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). A study done in Buluba found the prevalence of ED in rural Uganda to be as high as 47.8%. I didn’t find a lot of research done in Uganda on the subject which is probably the reason for the ignorance that surrounds it.

I’m happy we get to have these kinds of conversations especially because Erectile Dysfunction is something we prefer to only whisper about. In a society that upholds so many aspects of toxic masculinity men are naturally shy to have these conversations or own up when things aren’t working right. In some cases women are forced to carry the blame for not being “sexy” enough or not conceiving.

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D for Dance

The line between life and death is a thin one. Death is the one thing we are sure of in life. But when it knocks on our door, it surprises us. We act as if we didn't know life would end someday. Can we ever be ready for it though, to greet it with a "took you long enough"? This brodaman Papa Kevini and gyaldem M-Tinah were getting married on the 1st of June 2019 in Bungoma. My blue suit was ready and I had one dance move ready to impress as I went down the aisle before the groom.