(My quote of the month- Consistency beats perfection) I started the blog series Phil Medici in August and promised self that I’d work on it and post the subsequent chapters each week. As the weeks passed, I set to publish each Wednesday morning. Then I thought Thursdays would work better. I posted on a Friday, and a Saturday. I haven’t posted this week’s chapter/ episode yet but I am working to post it sometime over the weekend. It is the first series on my blog and I am learning the discipline of getting to sit down and actually writing whatever the … Continue reading Hello

She Was A Shower

(A little heads up (Pun intended): This post contains erotic content) We were on her bed. We had struggled to keep our hands off each other through the evening. She’d said she would be most comfortable at her place since it would be our first time. Her kiss gave me goosebumps. She cupped my face and slid her tongue into my mouth, turning me on further. I made a mental note to commend her kissing. My hands undid her bra and cupped the perky boobs. They were full and firm, glistening in the dim light. She squirmed as my tongue … Continue reading She Was A Shower

Phil Medici Episode 4: Call me maybe

She lay on my chest. Listening to my heart. Beat. Beatboxing- beating inside the box it was caged in. The heart content for it had gotten the object and subject of its affection. It skipped not a beat, pulsating rhythmically, no syncopation, none out of sync.  Not a single discord. If she listened closely, she’d hear it excitedly singing “Could I have this kiss forever”. The blood gushing through the chambers humming the melody, the valves opening and flapping close providing the percussion. It would be an Ode to Lyne. A perfect symphony. My left arm stroking her hair, the right drawing nonsensical patterns on her thigh pressing its weight on my full bladder. She is thinking of Rihanna’s California King Bed I imagine. Me- her California king. Continue reading Phil Medici Episode 4: Call me maybe

PHIL MEDICI Episode 3: First Move-Advantage

(This is the third chapter in the blog series “Phil Medici”. Catch the previous chapter here) Life is a game of chess. And chess is a game of the brain. Not heart! A quote by Aayush Harsh off the internet. But the heart is in play here. It is the chessboard and the pieces. It is the pawn, the rook, knight, bishop, the queen and the king himself. It is the player, subject to its own commands and moves. The heart is illogical and unadvisable. It is conceited and doesn’t mind the brain. It rather blinds the brain to its … Continue reading PHIL MEDICI Episode 3: First Move-Advantage


“Btw on Thursday in the Physiology practical session, I
heard Liam say he wants to ask Lyne out,” She said while scrolling on her
phone. I was finishing up on the Bacteria’s topic I had been reading before she
got into the room.

“Btw?! How can that be a btw?” I start. I had already pushed
the books away and sat facing her. Her head remained buried in her phone. “That
sounds like an afterthought. An AOB while it should have been the first agenda
of the day.” Continue reading PHIL MEDICI CHAPTER 2: LIAM


“If I was an enzyme, I would be a DNA Helicase so that I would unzip your genes,” I thought. “Nope. It’s a little flirtatious; but that would be too suggestive, a little too nerd; not quite the kind of vibe I would want to send out this early.” I needed to start off on the right footing. I could not afford to mess it. Something that would get her smiling, one that would charm her. I would want to unzip her jeans eventually, but, hmm… Continue reading PHIL MEDICI:Chapter 1: CRUSH