A for Awkward

      There are many awkward moments we experience. The awkwardness scale ranges from mild to severe, with mild being an uncomfortable moment asking an elderly man to relax and take it easy so you can perform a prostate examination. Severe- well, I haven’t found what qualifies as severe. Middle-aged ladies looking down when … Continue reading A for Awkward

C for Crimson

  "Blood is the loudest sanguine."  Remember the beautiful Kate? The one that did not show up for Sunday school and our boy Mannuh had all those butterflies in his tummy?  Well, while Mannuh was getting the butterflies in his tummy, she also had another not-so-butterfly feeling in her tummy. A crampy feeling. On the … Continue reading C for Crimson

Phil Medici Episode Finale: Rewrite the Stars Part 1

(Catch the previous chapters in this series here) Photo by Lucas Marconnet on Unsplash It’s a Sunday afternoon. Lyne had invited Ivan for lunch at her place after Ivan had insisted he had to see that weekend. Ivan is in black sweatpants and a greyish-white t-shirt. She is in a faded blue jeans short reaching just above … Continue reading Phil Medici Episode Finale: Rewrite the Stars Part 1

B for Blues

#Fiction   My crush, the beautiful Kate, wasn’t in church that day. The Sunday School session dragged on and on as I fiddled with the note in my pocket. It would have to wait until the next time we met. I remembered our discussion on the grey area we were between the children’s class and … Continue reading B for Blues

Book Review: Diary of the Miaha

Book: Diary of the Miaha. Author: Vera Omwocha- Dinda Publisher: Self Published- Through Writers Guild Kenya. Pages: 180 Cost- Sh. 650. Where to get it: http://www.writersguild.co.ke,  www.veraomwocha.com,   for your copy   “Miaha” is a Luo-word for a newly married woman. I can show you the world Shining, shimmering, splendid Tell me, princess, now when did … Continue reading Book Review: Diary of the Miaha