“Btw on Thursday in the Physiology practical session, I
heard Liam say he wants to ask Lyne out,” She said while scrolling on her
phone. I was finishing up on the Bacteria’s topic I had been reading before she
got into the room.

“Btw?! How can that be a btw?” I start. I had already pushed
the books away and sat facing her. Her head remained buried in her phone. “That
sounds like an afterthought. An AOB while it should have been the first agenda
of the day.” Continue reading PHIL MEDICI CHAPTER 2: LIAM



“If I was an enzyme, I would be a DNA Helicase so that I would unzip your genes,” I thought. “Nope. It’s a little flirtatious; but that would be too suggestive, a little too nerd; not quite the kind of vibe I would want to send out this early.” I needed to start off on the right footing. I could not afford to mess it. Something that would get her smiling, one that would charm her. I would want to unzip her jeans eventually, but, hmm… Continue reading PHIL MEDICI:Chapter 1: CRUSH

Capture Kenya

Photo- Safaricom PLC twitter page.

Cough! Cough! Some more dust has gathered here. Oops! There’s a cobweb over there. Let’s dust-up the place a little. (English is weird- dusting means removing dust from a place.) It has been a good while since I last posted . Well, I won’t say that I was away studying for my end of year exams, but I’ve been both busy and procrastinating a number of blog posts. but we are here now. (The school is delaying releasing the results and the wait is making my bowel habits change. But that’s a story for another day) Continue reading “Capture Kenya”


Melancholie Sculpture by Albert Gyorgy

The blues came again. This time they hit really hard. He had managed to pull through the first bout.
He told his colleagues he was taking a short break. There wasnt much work at their place so they didnt mind his absence
This time the blues were stronger, he didnt know how to react to them.He couldn’t call his mother and cry to her. She wouldnt understand but she would listen.He didnt want her worrying and adding more stree to her hypertensive body. Which grown man cries to his mama anyway? Continue reading “Home”

Friday Evening

They had a sensual kiss in the car, at the hotel’s parking lot. Her hand had briefly grasped his manhood and given a little squeeze as she bit his lower lip. He gave her left-bum cheek a pat and squeeze as his left arm circled her waist on the walk to the house. They had been at the hotel for a few hours before deciding to head to his house. This was her first visit to his place, a two bed-roomed apartment on the ground floor of a 7-storey building. He had a grey set of sofa and a coffee … Continue reading Friday Evening

Letter To My Future Wife

Dear wife of my youth, I say of my youth because it is written that in one’s vain life, they should enjoy their life with the wife of their youth. I will find you. And will do so soon. I had actually thought I’d found you, but well, obviously, it wasn’t you. I didn’t think about how we will meet. Perhaps we’ve already met or we are acquainted. Or we haven’t met yet. You could make the first move if you see that I am unnecessarily delaying I won’t mind. Today has been a really lonely day and what made … Continue reading Letter To My Future Wife