Nairobi Book Fair And Africa Writers Conference

The last few days have been a carnival to me, the funfair being in the Nairobi Bookfair and the African Writers Conference. Friday: THE BOOK FAIR: 25th-29th September 2019 at the Sarit Convention Centre, Nairobi. I slipped out of school on the afternoon of Friday 27th September 2019 in the company of one fair Dorothy … Continue reading Nairobi Book Fair And Africa Writers Conference

September Literary Week

I am relatively a newbie to the literary community in the city, and in its charm, the city is in a way showing off what it is capable of literary-wise. It is struggling to hold up all the events it has heaped on its shoulders. But to be fair to it, it hasn’t uttered a … Continue reading September Literary Week

Phil Medici Episode 4: Call me maybe

She lay on my chest. Listening to my heart. Beat. Beatboxing- beating inside the box it was caged in. The heart content for it had gotten the object and subject of its affection. It skipped not a beat, pulsating rhythmically, no syncopation, none out of sync.  Not a single discord. If she listened closely, she’d hear it excitedly singing “Could I have this kiss forever”. The blood gushing through the chambers humming the melody, the valves opening and flapping close providing the percussion. It would be an Ode to Lyne. A perfect symphony. My left arm stroking her hair, the right drawing nonsensical patterns on her thigh pressing its weight on my full bladder. She is thinking of Rihanna’s California King Bed I imagine. Me- her California king.